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Soothing Body Peel

The first double-action body peel: exfoliating and soothing.
Provides +24% cell renewal compared to untreated control*.
Contains 5-NAF Complex (5-Natural Acid Fruit Complex), a blend of natural acids extracted from different fruits, such as bilberry, orange, and lemon. The combination of all these acids has a multi-action effect on the skin: increases hyaluronic acid and collagen synthesis softens the skin and stimulates elasticity. Lastly, thanks to α-Bisabolol and Chamomile extract, a uniquely soothing and anti-irritant effect is obtained in a peel for a pleasantly soft finish. 

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Ingredients + Benefits

  •  Enhanced firmness of the skin

  •  Enhanced long-term hydration

  •  Improvement of both texture and tone of the skin in areas treated

  •  Oil regulation, and body acne prevention

  •  Helps reduce/eliminate keratosis pilaris

  •  A noticeable reduction of ingrown hairs

- Active ingredients -


5-NAF Complex

(5 Natural Acid Fruit Complex)

▪ Complex made with 5 botanical extracts: bilberry, sugar cane, maple syrup, orange, and lemon, which naturally contain a large amount of alpha-hydroxy acids.

▪ Clinical study results show that the activity of 5-NAF Complex natural acids is higher than that of the same synthesised acids.


- Lactic acid -

▪ Lactic acid has a gentle, yet intense superficial action, as it highly stimulates the natural moisture of the skin.

▪ Intensely increases glycosaminoglycan synthesis, such as the skin’s own hyaluronic acid.


- Salicylic acid - 

▪ Salicylic acid has a powerful exfoliating action, helping the skin to shed the outermost layers and the imperfections that they contain.

▪ It is very useful in cases of roughness or thickening, as it melts intercellular bonds, helping active ingredients to absorb better.

- Glycolic acid -
▪  Glycolic acid has the highest keratolytic power of the AHAs.
▪  Its action helps to break the bonds of the outermost keratinised cells, which therefore detach more easily, helping to remove the most thickened skin and allowing active ingredients to penetrate more effectively.
▪  The strong keratolytic action of glycolic acid enhances the sensation of softness and regenerated skin.

- Alpha-bisabolol -

▪  Powerful hydrating and soothing active ingredient.

▪  Regenerates and restores the skin barrier, preventing imperceptible water loss.
▪  Brightens the skin and visibly reduces skin imperfections.

- Chamomile extract (Matricaria chamomilla) -
▪ Provides an anti-inflammatory effect, as it helps to combat and block irritants and removes skin-damaging free radicals.
▪ Helps to reduce the potential irritation caused by the acids, as well as restoring the natural moisture levels of the skin.
▪ Increases the penetration and efficacy of other skincare products.
▪ Promotes a healthy skin glow, making it ideal as a finishing ingredient for peels.

The synergistic action of these acids gives the skin a softer, more youthful appearance, as it increases the cell renewal rate.

These alpha-hydroxy acids have a joint keratolytic activity, but each one also displays specific actions:

▪ Lactic acid is highly hydrating and also increases the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, such as hyaluronic acid;

▪  Glycolic acid, with the highest keratolytic power, creates an immediate feeling of relief on the skin;
▪  Citric acid stimulates collagen synthesis;
▪ Tartaric and malic acids stimulate skin elasticity.


By combining all these acids, a multifactorial action is achieved at different levels.