Introducing The Jett Medical Plasma Pen 



What is plasma?


Plasma is the fourth state of matter: Liquid, Solid, Gas and Plasma.


The principle is to ionise gases in the air to create a small electrical arc, similar to a tiny lightning bolt, with which the areas affected by aesthetic problems may be treated, without unwanted damage to surrounding areas.


The benefits

An eye-lift can make a face appear years younger, but because of the surgical risks involved, it is an aesthetic concern often left untreated. When compared to invasive surgical methods, the Jett Medical Plasma Pen offers both faster treatment results and shorter recovery time. Another unique feature of the Jett Medical Plasma Pen is the permanence of the results achieved, this is just one of many benefits associated with treatment.


Other applications & uses include: 


- Non-surgical eyelid lifting (non-surgical blepharoplasty)

- Removal of creases or wrinkles around the mouth (smokers lines) and eyes (crow’s feet)

- Removal of skin tags, fibromas and warts

- Improving acne scarring

- Reducing pigment spots & patches

- Reducing stretch marks and loose skin

- Skin lifting and tightening on the face, neck and body including the brow region and crows feet

- Hand rejuvenation

- Firming & lifting the breasts

Advantages vs. Invasive Traditional Surgery Methods:


- No cutting of skin

- No stitches required

- Very low-risk procedure (NO risk of blindness as there is with surgery)

- Minimal side effects and far less downtime

- Quick & easy procedure

 - No thinning of the skin

- Significant cost saving


One of a kind Plasma technology - how does it work?

Jett Plasma energy is directed through the tip of the handpiece onto the targeted area, the energy is absorbed by the targeted cells, which encourages regeneration and regrowth. This process enables collagen renewal and the remodelling of the internal architecture of the skin. The Jett Plasma Pen causes instant contraction and tightening of skin fibres, resulting in the reduction of the skin surface and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and folds.


The final result is an improvement of the firmness and tension of the skin, and a noticeable lifting effect. Since Plasma energy affects the deeper dermal layers, the result is a lifted contour, a decrease in deep wrinkles, thicker and firmer skin. Plasma promotes new collagen protein which causes the original collagen protein to strengthen the skin.


The local fibroblasts stimulate the collagen formation by heating the dermis and it then acts as a new deep foundation for the skin. This produces further delayed tightening, which becomes evident slowly over the next few months.


Types of Plasma available:

1. Direct Current

2. Alternating Current


The difference between the two technologies


The Jett Plasma Pen is the only medical device of its kind that uses direct current (DC) electric plasma, all other devices use alternating current (AC). There are many advantages of DC especially for non-invasive blepharoplasty and under the eye treatment, including Jett being the only plasma device to allow intensive scanning and constant dot size. The Jett Medical Plasma Pen also offers the following treatment benefits when compared to alternative plasma pen device offerings:

- DC offers more precision making the Jett Medical Plasma Pen the safest device on the market.

- The Jett Medical Plasma Pen offers the best results and fastest recovery time thanks to the direct current technology.

- The Jett Medical Plasma Pen offers maximum stability and precision, minimizing the risk of infection, hyperpigmentation and downtime for patients.

- The Jett Medical Plasma Pen's unique scanning technology, plus controlled dotting feature, make it the safest Plasma Pen on the market offering great results with significantly reduced downtime.

- The Jett Medical Plasma Pen is the most versatile and safest device of its kind on the world market sold in over 68 countries.

Is it suitable for everyone?


No, Jett Plasma is not suitable for everyone. It is not suitable for people who:


- Have a pacemaker 

- Are pregnant

- Have epilepsy

- Have any metal implants

- Have cancer

- Have an acute inflammatory condition



  How many treatments are required

Non-surgical eyelifts and skin rejuvenation usually only take one or two sessions to attain the desired outcome. However, the majority of patients respond well to treatment after a single session. You will see preliminary results instantly, they will continue to develop over the coming months, and may last for up to 5 years.


Mole, wart and skin tag removal is a one-off procedure.


How much does it cost?


The price will depend on the area/s being treated.

Please visit our booking site to view our price list and the full treatment menu.

So is it worth it?


Jett Plasma can be an effective way to remove moles, skin tags and warts. It is relatively painless for these procedures and the effect is impressive. If you are prone to pigmentation or have dark skin please ask your practitioner about the possibility of pigmentation spots.

For skin tightening and non-surgical eye lifts, it is far less expensive than the surgical alternatives and the manufacturers say the results can last up to five years, making it comparable with surgery.

Before and After Treatment Photos

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