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At G&T Aesthetics, we combine passion and experience to help every patient be their own kind of beautiful.
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G&T Aesthetics Ltd was founded in the historic town of Stamford in 2019 by twice-academic graduate Charli Clarke.

As the clinic’s Leading Practitioner and Clinical Director, Charli focuses on transparent, ethical practices through the use of award-winning medical devices, high-quality consumables, and an informative, no-pressure approach to patient care.

Charli champions only the most advanced techniques and products for optimum results, creating every patient’s dream aesthetic while enhancing their wellbeing. All procedures offered at her Stamford clinic are tailored to your needs and aesthetic goals and carried out under the strictest clinical hygiene standards for your safety and comfort – with absolute discretion at all times.

As an ambassador for the safe administration of aesthetics, Charli is also studying to become a professional trainer of other aesthetic practitioners, both in the industry, and those new to the industry. Not only is she passing on her knowledge and experience to further the future of aesthetics, but Charli is dedicated to advancing her own professional development.

Countless publications recognise Charli’s contribution to aesthetics in the Stamford area. [Stamford Pride]  credits her with ‘’taking time to establish a [patient] relationship and instil that essential confidence and trust’’, while Stamford Living magazine believes her independent approach means each patient ‘’receives a high level of service’’ that’s tailored to their needs. Finally, as an LGBTQ+ ally, Stamford Pride recognises that Charli helps her patients ‘’accentuate features and find confidence in themselves, not the promise of perfection’’.

It all stems from Charli’s inspiration to enter the industry: helping people feel good about what’s uniquely them, and in Charli’s words, ‘’being the change I want to see in the industry’’.