Jett Medical Plasma Pen

Remodel your skin from the inside-out to boost firmness, smoothness, and hydration.
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Jett Medical Plasma Pen

What Is The Jett Medical Plasma Pen?

The Jett Medical Plasma Pen is a treatment that delivers plasma energy to a targeted area through the tip of the hand-piece. This energy is then absorbed and kickstarts the regeneration and cell-division response in the skin. Plasma stimulates the fibroblasts, improving the rate and volume of collagen production – a key protein responsible for the skin’s architecture. Fibroblast stimulation leads to skin surface reduction – firming, lifting and smoothing areas treated.

The local fibroblasts stimulate collagen formation by heating the dermis and it then acts as a new deep foundation for the skin. This produces further delayed tightening, which becomes evident slowly over the next few months.

The result is an improvement of the firmness and tension of the skin, and a noticeable lifting effect. Since Plasma energy affects the deeper dermal layers, the result is a lifted contour, a decrease in deep wrinkles, thicker and firmer skin. Plasma promotes new collagen protein which causes the original collagen protein to strengthen the skin.

Plasma therapy can be used to treat a range of concerns across the face, neck and body. No invasive techniques are involved, and the procedure is quick, convenient, and cost effective (especially when compared to a surgical alternative).

Jett Medical Plasma Pen

Areas Treatable

  • Eye lift
  • Brow lift
  • Skin tag, fibroma, and haemangioma (cherry angioma) removal
  • Acne scars and stretch marks
  • Hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • Loose skin, including the breast region
  • Lines, creases, and wrinkles (including smoker’s lines and crow’s feet).
  • Hand rejuvenation
Jett Medical Plasma Pen

Before & Afters

“Charli is more then amazing at what she does. She makes her treatments as painless and fast as possible (I haven’t felt a thing) and makes you feel so at home, welcome and comfortable. Honestly wouldn’t let anyone but her touch my face, she’s an angel!! Couldn’t recommend more highly”

Ilena Glynn

“What a wonderful experience, Charli is an immensely professional, very kind & incredibly caring women. Not only is she informative, she’s extremely passionate about her aesthetic treatments from explaining to administering.
Charli truly is a professional in every way, I would highly recommend her amazing clinic to everyone I know. Thank you so very much Charli, really looking forward to my next appointment”

Nikki Parsons

“Absolute 5 star experience. Charli is second to none in her professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail and communication. This was my first time getting any aesthetic work done and I felt listened to, cared for and safe at all times. Not only that she was warm and made my experience fun and enjoyable throughout.”

Carly McPolin

Jett Medical Plasma Pen

Questions about your treatment


The preciseness, strength, and safety of treatment correlates to the type of current used in the device, the current can be direct or alternating.


The Jett Medical Plasma Pen is the only medical device of its kind that uses direct current (DC) electric plasma, other devices use alternating current (AC). There are many safety advantages of DC, especially for non-invasive blepharoplasty and treatment of the delicate under-eye region. Jett Medical Plasma Pen is the only plasma device to allow intensive scanning and constant dot size.

The Jett Medical Plasma Pen also offers the following treatment benefits when compared to alternative plasma pen device offerings:

  • DC offers more precision making the Jett Medical Plasma Pen the safest device on the market.
  • The Jett Medical Plasma Pen offers the best results and fastest recovery time thanks to the direct current technology.
  • The Jett Medical Plasma Pen offers maximum stability and precision, minimizing the risk of infection, hyperpigmentation, and downtime for patients.
  • The Jett Medical Plasma Pen’s unique scanning technology, plus the controlled dotting feature, make it the safest Plasma Pen on the market offering great results with significantly reduced downtime.
  • The Jett Medical Plasma Pen is the most versatile and safest device of its kind on the world market sold in over 68 countries.
  • Results are permanent, only wearing off with the natural process of ageing 3-5 years following treatment.


The device uses unique scanning technology and a controlled dotting feature to allow for improved comfort, consistent treatment, and results. Here at our Stamford aesthetics clinic, we ensure treatment is suitable for you – and will create the results you want – before scheduling you in for your session. We can offer a local anaesthetic before treatment to desensitise the skin and prevent discomfort.


The treatment is quick and easy to carry out and far less expensive than surgical alternatives. However, it’s comparable to surgery as results show – Jett Medical approximate a 5-year lifespan of results following completion of your recommended treatment course. Our patients typically see results develop in just one to two sessions. Bear in mind that some results are permanent, such as haemangioma (cherry angioma) removal.


Yes, skin tags, haemangiomas (cherry angioma), and fibromas can all be effectively removed with the Jett Medical Plasma Pen. However, these would need to be checked first by your GP to ensure they are benign and treatable.


We use leading brands, technologies, and treatments to deliver impressive results for our patients. Unlike other aesthetics clinics, our founder and Licensed Practitioner, Charli, administers all treatments herself to guarantee the best possible results and practices. Here in Stamford, our motto is to be your own kind of beautiful – and we’ll work with you to help you achieve it.

Jett Medical Plasma Pen

During Your Treatment

  • Enjoy a personalised skin consultation to assess your needs
  • Relax in luxurious yet comfortable surroundings at our Stamford clinic
  • Discover a portfolio of anti-ageing treatments tailored to you
  • Put yourself in the trusted hands of our experts
  • Receive detailed aftercare to maintain and prolong your results
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