Remodel your skin from the inside-out to boost tightness, smoothness, and hydration.
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What Is Jalupro?

Jalupro treatment helps you achieve younger-looking skin without surgery. It works to reduce lines and wrinkles; improve skin tone and texture; tackle hyperpigmentation; address dehydration and dullness; and even target scarring and stretch marks. The results of treatment will improve over time, particularly with the skin’s texture.

The most potent of dermal bio-revitaliser available in our range of skin boosters, Jalupro is an injectable solution formed from hyaluronic acid and amino acids, the building blocks of key skin proteins like collagen and elastin. Jalupro helps ‘feed’ the connective tissue, which breaks down with age, and lifestyle habits like smoking and sunbathing. Increasing the presence of hyaluronic acid and amino acids in the skin improves fibroblast activity, collagen development, and the overall health of the skin for a powerful anti-ageing effect.

Please avoid St John’s Wort, alcohol, caffeine and ibuprofen at least 24 hours before and after your appointment.

Jalupro offers a wide range of skin benefits, achieving smoother, more hydrated skin, regulating pigmentation, and addressing damage such as scarring, wrinkles and stretch marks.


Areas Treatable

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Arms
  • Arms
  • Inner Thighs
  • Abdomen

Before & Afters

“Charli is more then amazing at what she does. She makes her treatments as painless and fast as possible (I haven’t felt a thing) and makes you feel so at home, welcome and comfortable.”

Sarah Jones

“I have just had my first appointment with Charli at G & T Aesthetics. I was very impressed from start to finish! Charli is a lovely & friendly lady, who has great knowledge & experience in her treatments. She spent a lot of time explaining my treatment to me and answering any questions that I had. I am very much looking forward to my next visit, thank you.”

Karen Mangieri

“Highly Recommend G&T Aesthetics, Beautiful Pristine Clinic, Charli makes you feel welcome and at ease the whole time you are there, she is extremely knowledgable and precise with every treatment she offers. I couldn’t be happier with my experience here and so glad to have found such a wonderful practitioner. Thank you Charli”

Hollie Stanton


Questions about your treatment


As an injectable treatment, we only use fine needles to ensure discomfort is kept to a minimum. We also use our knowledge of anatomy, injection techniques and facial aesthetics to ensure comfort. If you have any concerns about your treatment, talk to our Registered General Nurse and founder, Charli.


Jalupro has a remodelling effect on the skin that improves over time, it directly targets the skin to enhance its strength, texture, and tone. Jalupro is a powerful skin booster treatment whereas dermal fillers are best used for sculpting, treating deep lines, wrinkles and volumising.


It can take two weeks to see the full effects of treatment, as this is a bio-revitalising product. However, some patients do see improvements within days of treatment. Factors like metabolism, genetics, lifestyle and more can all play a part in when you experience results, and how long they last. However, most people find that the effects last around 9 months.


The treatment blends amino acids, peptides and hyaluronic acid to optimise the skin’s health, appearance and structure. It boosts collagen production; activates fibroblasts; and achieves long-lasting hydration with the skin.


All treatments offered at our Stamford aesthetics clinic are delivered by our founder, Charli, an experienced and Licensed Practitioner with clinical oversight via our affiliate CQC Registered General Nurse. This ensures you get the very best in support, care, and results. We are also part of the AAIC, an aesthetic accreditation body, giving you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands throughout your treatment.


During Your Treatment

  • Enjoy a personalised skin consultation to assess your needs
  • Relax in luxurious yet comfortable surroundings at our Stamford clinic
  • Discover a portfolio of anti-ageing treatments tailored to you
  • Put yourself in the trusted hands of our experts
  • Receive detailed aftercare to maintain and prolong your results
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