Jalutox Treatment

Remodel your skin from the inside-out to boost firmness, smoothness, and hydration.
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Jalutox Treatment

What Is Jalutox?

One of our hybrid skin booster treatments available at our Stamford aesthetics clinic, Jalutox combines hyaluronic acid, amino acids and botulinum toxin A (Botox) to bio-remodel from the inside-out. A powerful cocktail of transformative ingredients, effects include skin plumping and hydration; anti-ageing and smoothness; tightening of crepey skin; reduction of fine lines and wrinkles; rejuvenation and radiance.

The treatment is injected superficially, helping brighten, tighten and smooth the skin. It can also help control oil production and reduce pore size. And because it’s a rejuvenating treatment, you will discover results improve over time.

Please avoid St John’s Wort, alcohol, caffeine and ibuprofen at least 24 hours before and after your appointment.

Jalutox is commonly used around the eyes as a powerful anti-wrinkle contender but can target many other areas of the face and body. Because it contains wrinkle relaxers, it’s particularly effective on areas such as the forehead; the skin around the eyes; the area between the brows and even the bands of the neck.

Jalutox Treatment

Areas Treatable

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Knees

“I was nervous, but with the utter professionalism and compassion I received, I walked out feeling so very good, and well worth the nerves! Congratulations G & T Aesthetics, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”

Debi Mcdonald

“Another great treatment with Charli. She is so knowledgeable and on trend with all her treatments. She talks you through everything and always finds the best treatments for your skin type”

Kay Fournier

“From the moment she greeted me at her fabulous clinic with her beautiful smile I knew I was in safe hands. Charli recommended procedures which would give me a natural refreshed look. I am so happy with the results , they exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Charli x”

Debs Weaver

Jalutox Treatment

Questions about your treatment


Any injectable treatment can feel uncomfortable, which is why we only use fine needles and our expert injecting techniques when administering Jalutox. Our founder and Licensed Practitioner, Charli, is highly experienced in injectable treatments and will be happy to address any concerns during your consultation. Your safety and comfort are our utmost priority.


Think of it as a supercharged version – or a combination of Botox and skin booster together. With Jalutox, you can treat more areas; enjoy even more benefits; and achieve more powerful results. And because it has a bio-remodelling effect, your results will improve over time.


Most patients see results in as little as 7 days, or 2 weeks on average. Results can then last between 6-9 months. However, factors like genetics, metabolism and treatment region can all play a role in how long effects last.


A potent combination of amino acids, Botulinum toxin A and hyaluronic acid – to achieve a natural lifting effect and saturate the skin with lasting moisture. This multi-targeted treatment optimises the skin’s structure, health, and appearance.


All treatments offered at our Stamford aesthetics clinic are delivered by our founder, Charli, an experienced and Licensed Practitioner with clinical oversight via our affiliate CQC Registered General Nurse. This ensures you get the very best in support, care, and results. We are also part of the AAIC, an aesthetic accreditation body, giving you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands throughout your treatment.

Jalutox Treatment

During Your Treatment

  • Enjoy a personalised skin consultation to assess your needs
  • Relax in luxurious yet comfortable surroundings at our Stamford clinic
  • Discover a portfolio of anti-ageing treatments tailored to you
  • Put yourself in the trusted hands of our experts
  • Receive detailed aftercare to maintain and prolong your results
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