Dermal filler treatment using the renowned HA Dermal filler Glips® by My Filler, a filler specially designed for use in the lip region. Glips uses both cross-linked hyaluronic acid and non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which in addition to restoring volume loss, also offers the following benefits:

- Enhanced rosiness, hydration and noticeable glow in the treated area;

- Precise contouring and enhanced shape;

- Unparalleled and lasting hydration in the treated area;  

- A hybrid biological structure which offers multiple benefits in one product;

- A durable and long-lasting filler.

During this treatment, the lips are treated using a unique injection technique which minimises bruises, delivering exceptionally natural results and gently formed luscious full lips.


Treatment of the jawline, chin and cheeks using dermal filler and a unique injection technique which minimises bruises and delivers exceptionally natural yet transformative results. The unique injection technique used in this treatment gently and effectively sculpts, lifts and defines the facial profile while enhancing your best features. This price accommodates up to 1ml in each treatment area - please contact us to discuss where bespoke pricing is required.


Treatment of the lips with dermal filler (with up to 1 ml of dermal filler)


Treatment of the nasolabial folds with dermal filler.


The treatment of forehead lines and/or wrinkles with Dermal Filler. Prices start from £250.


Treatment of the marionettes with dermal filler. Prices start from £220


Treatment of the cheeks with dermal filler. 

The benefits of cheek filler include:

✔️ Improved facial contour.

✔️ Reduction of stubborn extended crows’ feet.

✔️ Treatment of nasolabial lines at source.

✔️ Improvement in the jawline if it has been affected by sagging.

Prices start from £450.


Treatment of the nose with the addition of a small volume of dermal filler in a few precise areas, bumps can be straightened out, asymmetries improved, the tip defined and the appearance of a shorter nose can be achieved.


Defining and creating structure and contours with dermal filler in the jawline and chin area.


This service involves the correction of tear troughs with dermal filler.